The Story of Jimmy Bobby's Sausage Company


I started making breakfast sausage with my Pappaw, Mr. Willie Ray McKown, when I was a young boy. We made it after every deer season whenever we would have plenty of deer and pork. We smoked some and froze the rest.

I served in the United States Air Force for ten years; seven of them were in Germany and Italy. I was lucky enough to have made friends with locals who taught me how to make Bratwürst and Italian Sausage.

Pappaw passed away in 2001 and the recipe for our breakfast sausage was lost. Luckily, the internet was in full swing by then and different recipes showed up here and there. After finding one close enough to what I remember being the original, I started experimenting. Eventually, after years of testing, I finally had a recipe that would have made Pappaw proud!

After marrying Kristy in 2014, I decided it was time to share my sausage making skills with my new family. I had Jackson (my stepson) help me do everything from cutting the meat, selecting and measuring the ingredients, grinding, mixing and finally stuffing. He was pretty impressed! Eventually I made the other sausages, Bratwurst and Italian, which met with even more success!

After working as a creative services manager for a local newspaper for fifteen years, my work there was cut short and I decided to give Jimmy Bobby's Sausage Company a go. I incorporated, adding the LLC to the end of my business name, purchased permits, rented a kitchen and was certified to manage a kitchen all in less than two weeks.

My first trip to the Brazos Valley Farmers Market, not knowing at all what to expect, I took 27 pounds of Jimmy Bobby's Breakfast Sausage and SOLD OUT! Now I routinely make between 75-100 pounds per week; sometimes more depending on the special events that week.

I am slowly expanding, supplying restaurants and a few farmers markets. I look forward to meeting the challenges the future has for me!

Fresh Breakfast, Italian & Bratwürst Sausage handmade weekly in Downtown Bryan, Texas.

My Philosophy

Sure, we all like to eat well, but when was the last time you sat back and really thought about what goes in your body?

Learning from my Pappaw and friends in Germany and Italy, I realized you can get just as much, sometimes more, flavor by using fewer quality ingredients.

Whenever you hear me give my sales pitch at the Farmers Markets, the one big thing I am proud of is telling about my Italian Sausage. Besides quality USDA certified pork butts, I use only four ingredients: Salt, Pepper, Fennel Seed and Parsley. That's it. Period.

I have made a few comparisons to national brands who use twice the amount of salt, harmful preservatives, chemicals and up to eleven times more fat. (you can see the side-by-side comparison here for BREAKFAST and ITALIAN sausage.)

If you ever have questions, please contact me here and I will be happy to answer them all.